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My heart is swelling with love for Yogimani. Thanks for another amazing yoga session, you help foster a sense of community!
-James Doherty
Thank you Yogimani! Your yoga class is just what I needed. I feel stronger and more focused today. Loved the harmonium sounds!
-Edward Galán
Yogimani, your yoga classes always make me feel great! Thanks for sharing the practice in a playful yet wise manner!
-Ben Jafvert
I felt amazing after yoga yesterday. It helped me make it through my exam last night. Thanks Yogimani!
-Charity Burgess
Yogimani! Your yoga classes have been helping me find my way back to myself, slowly, and surely, and not always easily. I don't know where I'd be without Yogimani
-Molly Rima Hoopes
Yogimani, your positivity is what I always look forward to in your yoga classes! Equanimity is my favorite word, thanks to you!
-Jazmin Jones
I really enjoy yoga classes with Yogimani. I feel really great physically and emotionally, and I can work through what I think it is difficult.
-Ricky Abisla
Yogimani, the light inside of you shines so bright that your yoga classes make us laugh, dance, share, and heal! Thank you!
-James Doherty
Let your body become a vessel of Love, a conduit of the beautiful energy that created you and a source of peace. Come to Yoga with Yogimani and find out!
-Emmanuel Morales Avila
To be in touch with yourself, mind, body, and soul can be hard to understand at times. Yogimani reminds us that we can embrace our own obstacles through our own expression. Gracias, Yogimani.
-Christiane Kotoff
Yogimani, now that I attend your weekly yoga classes I feel more calm, less reactive to the environment, and more content. My body is gradually becoming more flexible and stronger. Thanks!
-Goretti Sanabria
Was in the presence of the divine tonight. For a few seconds Yogimani brought me to a transcendental state where you realize that it does not matter where, what or how, it only matters that you are.
-Emmanuel Morales Avila
Yogimani is going to make me sleep like a baby tonight! I feel like I'm in the chill zone.
-Tal Snyder
Yogimani, I enjoyed your class so much that I am changing my work schedule to continue attending. Thanks, Blessings Yogimani
-Nayeli Mireles
Yogimani, I loved class on Friday. I felt great and I was happy about the shoulder stand and crow! Gracias!
-Ricky Abisla
You can not always control what happens outside, but you can always control what happens inside you. Yogimani, thanks for today's class!
-Nayeli Mireles
Thank you for filling my day with so much love, empowerment, stillness, and strengthening! I feel benefits to mind, body, and soul, and I am incredibly grateful! Love you, Yogimani!
-Ashley Miller
Thank you for the wonderful yoga classes, Yogimani. My body feels more at ease and peace. I look forward to seeing you again this week!
-Jessica Quetzali
Thank you Yogimani for sharing your gifts of peace, love, and yoga. After a difficult week it felt wonderful to sing, breathe, stretch, meditate, and laugh!
-Hannah Young
Come participate in this gem of an experience. No matter what your skill level, you will leave Yogimani's class feeling brand new!
-Hannah Young
Yogimani knows exactly how to accommodate varying skill levels as we flow through series of poses and adapts to the needs of each student, Thanks Yogimani.
-Hannah Young
With Yogimani, not only we focus on the physical practice but also on the spiritual aspect of yoga. I guarantee you will leave this class feeling radiant
-Hannah Young
Yogimani, I like how each class I've been to has been different. Keep up the good work! Excited about checking you out at the new studio.
-Ricky Abisla
Yogimani, I felt calm and energized from your class. The meditation and chants contained magic shared. Great practice! Namaste.
-Richard Rants
Thank you, Yogimani! So great to finally take your class last night! You have such great rapport with your students.
-Enrique Vallejo
When I keep a consistent yoga practice with Yogimani I feel a perfect union within and I feel as if I expand as I test new boundaries that I once thought I would never be able to achieve.
-Kendrick Lewallen
I feel that doing yoga brings my true spirit outward, while I go inward to look for the answers to my own struggles and strife. Thanks for your amazing yoga classes, Yogimani!
-Kendrick Lewallen
One of the greatest experience of the year, Doing Yoga! Thanks to Yogimani!
-Andrea Lobo
Yogimani, thanks for the Friday class! I really enjoyed the live music also.
-Nayeli Mireles
Yogimani, your class last night was wonderful. Love being renewed by your instruction. You are the best teacher of yoga, that I've experienced! Thank you.
-Marisa Langlais
My fears were melted by Yogimani´s gentle patient style with no judgement. I really enjoyed the setting with lighting, music, words of wisdom and knowledge.
-Michael Gama
Yogimani, I am so glad I came to your class. You made me feel very welcome and special!
-Dustin Swartz
Yogimani, thanks for inviting me to my first yoga class ever. I am looking forward to experience yoga again to improve my whole being.
-Michael Gama
I wait for the opportunity to attend Bilingual Yoga with Yogimani to let go of all spiritual obstruction and stress from daily life!
-Emmanuel Morales Avila
Love and very few other things can open up your heart the way yoga does. And it's almost painful, but you need it. Thanks Yogimani!
-Emmanuel Morales Avila
Despite practicing yoga on and off for years, I have never had a sustained practice before now -- but I look forward to Yogimani's classes every week!
-Stacia Torborg
Yogimani is supportive, enthusiastic, and celebrates her students' progress. At the end, I really do feel reborn.
-Stacia Torborg
Yogimani classes are fun, challenging, and progressing organically from warm-ups to sweaty strengthening poses, through inversions and backbends, to relaxing savasana. At the end I feel calm and energized!
-Stacia Torborg
Yogimani Vinyasa Flow classes are fun, challenging, and progressing organically from warm-ups to sweaty strengthening poses, through inversions and backbends, to relaxing savasana. At the end I feel calm and energized!
-Stacia Torborg
Went to yoga yesterday evening, it was amazing. Gunna try to make it back this friday! Thanks Yogimani.
-Texus Toast
Yogimani, I'm returning to yoga after a long spell and already I feel a wave of calm. You are an inspiring mentor and I'm looking very forward to being back.
-Alvaro Andres
Yogimani, you help foster a sense of community that transcends, race, socio-economics, gender, and creed. Yogimani, you are truly a gift!
-James Doherty
Yogimani, you are a wonderful yoga teacher who will guide countless others on the path. Thank you.
-James Doherty
Yogimani, your guidance and motivation brought nirvana, and for a few seconds, I was.
-Emmanuel Morales Avila
Yogimani, I felt strengthening of the core and my back's chronic cracks have been absent all day. Great practice! Namaste.
-Richard Rants
Yesterday, I went to yoga with Yogimani, hadn't been in a while and feeling good even today! Thank YOU!
-Shanell Williams
Thank you Yogimani for bringing me back to yoga. Your chanting was magical and your guidance inquisitive and masterful. An absolute joy.
-David Leonard
Thank you so much for your kindness, generosity, genuine care and concern, and most of all, abundant love.
-Beverly Chang
Yogimani, you create a really special space!
-Beverly Chang
Thank you again for such an uplifting experience today. I look forward to taking your class again and becoming stronger in this practice. Please let me know of any reading material you recommend. Have a wonderful rest of your day!
-Gianna Brandofino
Great class today, Yogimani! Somehow, you got that upset lower back of mine twisting painlessly. Appreciate taking the long road with you rather than seeking quick fixes. Someday, I'll do that bleeping side crow thing.
-John Talbott
Love your classes and the way you teach!
-Ed Healy
Yogimani, I would like to thank you for everything you've taught me. You are one of the most inspirational and admirable people I've met in my life!
-Gianna Brandofino
Yoga is part of my life now and your energy and light is what drew me in. Thanks Yogimani!
-Gianna Brandofino
Yogimani, yoga queen! Thanks so much for our exotic yoga lessons at varkala beach's sunset in India -still thinking of them with a lot of warmth:) hope all is well with you, people in San Francisco are lucky to have their yogimani back!
-Milla Piinto
Dear Yogimani, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us so freely! You are a great inspiration to me.
-Jonathan Dimmock

Yoga Classes:

Vinyasa Flow:
This is a style of hatha yoga that celebrates creation through the union of dance, devotion, and discipline. Classes consist of conscious breathing and creative vinyasa sequencing to organically unfold the chakra system and gain balance, flexibility, strength, and freedom.


This class takes you where you began. The point is to relax, turn inward, and stop thinking. Classes consist of long duration poses and active relaxation. Students move through a set of poses designed to reach complete relaxation and bliss.

This class is designed to build strength, flexibility, and balance through mobilization and opening of the joins, ligaments, bones, and facial networks. Classes consist of long duration poses and passive stress. Students experience a quiet side and become healthier and calmer.


This class consists of a well-rounded session with emphasis on breathing, foundation, and alignment, using the ground, chairs, and the wall to perform the physical postures.  After class seniors feel calm, balanced, strong, happy, and free.


This class consists of a well-rounded session with emphasis on breathing, foundation, and alignment, using games, story-telling, and art crafts to have fun while practicing. After class children feel calm, inspired, balanced, strong, loving, giving, receptive, and focused.

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